HOROVITZ, JACOB (1873–1939), rabbi and scholar. Horovitz, the son of marcus horovitz , was born in Lauenburg. He served as rabbi in Frankfurt and was lecturer on Jewish subjects at the Pedagogical Academy there. In common with his father, he opposed the secession of the Orthodox from the local congregations and was one of the leaders of Communal Orthodoxy (Aḥdut). Horovitz was a vice president of the Union of German Rabbis and active in a number of other communal   organizations. He joined the Jewish Agency in 1929 as a non-Zionist. In 1938 Horovitz took refuge in Holland, where he died. His published works include Untersuchungen ueber Philons und Platos Lehre von der Weltschoepfung (1900); Babel und Bibel (1904), against friedrich delitzsch ; Untersu chungen zur rabbinischen Lehre von den falschen Zeugen (1914); Ḥever Ir (Ger., 1915); and Josephserzaehlung (1921).

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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